Additional Services

Additional Services

CERAMIC COATING: is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection. Starting at $700 and up plus the cost of the initial detail.

ENGINE DETAIL: Steam wash engine compartment dress all plastics, rubber hoses and belts. Starting at $59 & up.

Remove Window Tint: $25 per door/$80 rear

Remove Pin Stripe: Call to schedule quote

Buff Out light Scratches: Call to schedule quote

Excessive Tar Removal: $10 & up

Excessive Pet Hair Removal: $45 & up

Excessive Rim/Wheel Cleaning: $10 & up

Removal of heavy stains: $15 & up

Removal of heavy oxidation: $50 & up

Removal of tree sap: $15 & up

Apply leather protector to interior: $25 & up

Decal and sticker removal: $15 & up

Paint Sealant any cars, mini vans, mini trucks: $25.00

Paint Sealant SUVs: $30.00

De-Ionize/Odor Removal: $45 & up

Paint Chip: Call to schedule a quote

Undercarriage Clean and Condition: Apply degreaser chemicals with Foam cannon steam power wash to rinse and apply conditioner to protect all rubber and chassis. Starting at $49 and up